22seven API and 22seven Insights will help build a financially confident (South) Africa

2 min readMar 31, 2021


by Jikku Joseph, Stephanie Cronje and Simon Anderssen — Managing Director at 22seven, Head of 22seven API and Head of 22seven Insights

We built 22seven because we believe there’s a new solution to an old problem. The old problem lies in our relationship with money. The new solution lies in knowledge about our own money that we didn’t have before.

With this new lens, 22seven has helped people do more with their money. This was the conviction we had when we launched as an independent fintech in January 2012 and it was an ideal Old Mutual shared when they purchased 22seven a year later.

Having just reached 400 000 South Africans on our platform, we’re more convinced of the need for this lens than ever. So much so that we recently re-energized and refocused our business by pivoting our business model for scale and sustainability.

Say hello to 22seven API and 22seven Insights.

22seven API

22seven API houses our white-labelled data aggregation and data enrichment services that any third party financial services provider can integrate with. This will allow companies to offer their end-customers the same valuable money management service that 22seven offers its customers today.

Our hope is that scaling our service will enable millions more South Africans to achieve financial confidence.

22seven Insights

22seven Insights is a new research service that will provide reports and consulting to clients based on the totally anonymised, combined data of our users. Our analysis of rich, transaction-level data offers investors and executive leaders a unique lens into the behaviours and purchasing decisions of a broad range of real consumers’ interactions with companies across all industries.

This model of providing aggregated and de-identified market insights is a win-win for users. Their anonymity is ensured, 22seven’s world class service remains free and Insights’ clients are able to identify real trends in real-time.

If you’re curious to know more about how it works, hit the link below to read some FAQ’s about 22seven Insights.


At 22seven we do what we do because we want to help people live happier lives. The way we hope to do that is by helping them do more of the things that matter most.

The way we do that is by helping them do more with their money. That is why we are launching 22seven API and 22seven Insights today.

Our vision is to build a financially confident (South) Africa and our mission is to help people make better financial decisions through effective knowledge and awareness. 22seven API and 22seven Insights is our clarion call to this vision and mission.

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