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Yes, 22seven is an app. The one that lets you link all your financial accounts in one place and track your spending. It can create a personalised budget for you to help you spend smarter and do more with your money every day, making it incredibly useful to almost anyone. But 22seven is also so much more than that. What you don’t see is its heart — the real, live people that created and continually strive to improve it.

22seven was born from the belief that the age-old problem is our relationship with money. We all have regrets about things we did, or didn’t do, or don’t think we’ll be able to do, with money. Money feels limiting when it could be liberating. We believe 22seven is a part of the solution. The benefits it provides to millions of people are a manifestation of our dreams, ideas and the tireless desire to improve people’s lives. The app you use is an exhibit of the collective vision for what 22seven is in the eyes of the people that work here — a diverse, energetic, driven team with different backgrounds who understand that nobody’s perfect — especially when it comes to money.

We know this from real life experiences, and with new insights in psychology, we know more about how people think and behave with money better every day. We understand that we are irrational and do things we regret. 22seven embraces human fallibility and helps you become more aware of how you use your money. This enables you to do better with it, see new things about it, feel more confident about it, find more of it, use it more wisely and grow it more smartly.

So yes, 22seven is the app that helps you see your money differently and ultimately guides you towards making better money decisions. It bridges the gap between your present and your future; between what you do with your money today and what you want to do with it in many years’ time. But 22seven is also made up of the people that see you, understand you and learn from you. Doing this ensures our team is bigger than just the people that work here. Your ideas, insights and feedback help us add so much value to the 22seven community — the app, its people and you.

Thoughts, observations and insights. About money, life and 22seven. Visit 22seven.com

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