Slice from a Sven: Top tips when your accounts aren’t playing ball 🔗

2 min readAug 3, 2021


Every now and then you may run into some trouble when linking or updating your accounts in 22seven. We try our best to keep the engine purring, but the 22seven machine has lots of moving parts, so when this happens it’s important to know what’s gone wrong and how to fix it.

If one of your accounts isn’t playing ball, here’s what to do:

Check the error message

There are quite a few reasons why your account might not be updating. These range from incorrect login details to data processing errors or website changes made by your bank or service provider. For all these reasons, there’s a nifty little error message that tells you what’s going on, and what to do about it.

If you have an account that’s not updating, make sure to select your account card to navigate to the details screen, where you’ll see the error message and learn how to get the issue rectified.

General service provider problems

Sometimes all accounts from a service provider are affected. This is usually due to website or code changes that the service provider has made which we’ll need to accommodate on our end. In these instances, one of the Svens will set up a custom message on your affected accounts, so that you’ll know we’re aware of the problem, and actively working to get it sorted.

Don’t delete the account!

We know it’s become second nature to try turning it off and on again if something doesn’t work, but if you don’t know what to do to get an account to update, rather reach out to us to find out.

Deleting an account to try and fix a problem could mess up your transaction history, and the exact same problem will likely be there when you try to link the account again.

Ask us to investigate

There’s a button on your account detail screen that automatically sends an email to the Sven support team so that they can investigate and assist with solving your account update issues. There are two reasons why this button might not be there: the issue is a temporary one and should resolve itself or it’s a general issue that we’re already investigating. Once you’ve read the error message, you can ask us to investigate if needed and you’ll get an email from us to confirm that we’ve started looking into it for you.

Account errors happen from time to time, but they’re usually easy to fix. Try not to stress too much if you see that your account isn’t playing ball. The Svens are always around to help get things back on track as quickly as we can.




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