Spend with confidence 💪

2 min readMar 16, 2021

We feel confident about our decisions when we have a clear idea of possible outcomes, and are able to determine which action will result in the best outcome. Decisions about our personal finances and how we spend our money are complicated. We need to try and spend less than we earn, plan for expenses that are still to come, and think about how spending today will impact our lifestyle in the distant, uncertain future. 22seven was created to help you manage this complexity and help you become more financially confident.

Track your spending

Tracking your money and spending patterns is the first step towards feeling more in control and confident about your finances. Linking all your accounts and money stuff to 22seven means you can see all transactions in one place. As you spend, each transaction is automatically categorised, making it easy to see where your money is going and the areas where you overspend (or underspend).

By linking all of your loans, assets, investments, bank accounts and rewards accounts, you’ll get the full picture of your financial position in one place. All this helps you become more aware of your spending habits so you can start building a healthy relationship with your money.

Stick to your spending plan

In the world of personal finance, having a budget means you have a plan — a plan for every cent, every month. If you’re building your dream home, you’ll always start with a plan. The same goes for building your dream financial situation. A budget, or spending plan, is your guide to taking control of your finances.

22seven creates a personalised budget for you, based on your own, actual spending. Once you have a plan for each cent, try to stick to that plan. A clear, comprehensive budget — like the one you get through 22seven — is easier to stick to. It also takes the stress out of money management and helps combat uncertainty about the future.

Build your confidence

The state of your personal finances can have a huge impact on your emotions and how you experience life day-to-day. Having a plan minimises money stress and builds your confidence. When you feel confident about how your money is being used, this confidence can spill into your everyday life. After all, we need to take finances into account for many of the decisions we make. You might still face financial challenges, but the plans you put in place will help you feel sure of yourself, even in times of uncertainty. This gives you extra confidence to deal with whatever comes your way.




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