The art of investing in art

  • Art schools have annual student exhibitions where you can pick up quality work cheaply. They’re usually held between October and December, and you’ll find exciting work, particularly at University art schools.
  • Many artists, like my favourite landscape painters Jenny Parsons and Mary Visser, have studio sales once a year where they sell work at really good prices. You could also look out for people like Diek Grobler — you’ll find his artist page on Facebook. He went to Paris a couple of years back and helped fund his two month stay by drawing a picture of something he’d seen each day and then selling it to the highest bidder on his page.
  • Attend auctions, markets and visit charity shops. My best buy was a R40 watercolour from Milnerton market, which I could see was good, although I had no idea who had painted it. I hung it in my house and one day an art appraiser saw it and identified it as being by a well-known seascape painter. It’s worth 100 times what I paid for it.



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