Which grocery loyalty card is best? đź›’

3 min readSep 14, 2021


Do you know how your grocery store loyalty card works, how you can benefit from it, and which ones can save you the most? Let’s investigate!

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper

The basics: When you swipe your Smart Shopper card, you earn one point for every R2 spent. You’re also able to link all Smart Shopper cards in your household and earn more points collectively.

The benefits: You can convert your points into rands and help pay for your next shop. (Tip: Check your points balance at the bottom of your till slip.) If you provide your contact details, Smart Shopper also offers personalised discounts on the items you frequently buy. These discounts are refreshed every two weeks, and discounts need to be loaded onto your card before you shop.

PnP has various clubs you can belong to in order to receive more specific rewards. These include a Pet, Wine, Coffee, and Baby Club. The retailer has also partnered with a bunch of brands like Netflorist, Ster-Kinekor, and Vida e Caffè — you can save at these stores by exchanging your Smart Shopper points for vouchers.

You can even use Smart Shopper points towards your next fuel purchase if you have more than R20 accrued.

Bonus: You can donate your points to one of the charities that PnP has partnered with.

Checkers Xtra Savings

The basics: Checkers decided to do things a little differently. You don’t earn points on their loyalty card, you can simply save up to 25% on selected groceries by swiping at the till.

The benefits: Checkers allows you to link your card to charities like The Lunchbox Fund and The Animal Anti-Cruelty League — you donate by swiping. Giving back while earning rewards? Win-win! Another unique incentive is their Planet Bag, made from recycled and recyclable plastic. Each time you reuse a bag, you get 50c off your shop, or R1 if you swipe your Xtra Savings card.

Bonus: Every time you swipe your card, you stand a chance to win your shopping free.

SPAR Rewards

The basics: You get an instant rand value off your total shopping spend at the till. This programme doesn’t have points or levels.

The benefits: You can earn discounts on selected items in store. The items that qualify for a discount can be viewed on the SPAR app or via an SMS sent to you. If you have any items in your basket that match the SPAR rewards available to you, you’ll receive a discount. The SPAR website claims that you can save more than R2,500 a month.

A few snags are that you can only redeem points at SUPERSPAR outlets and not at all SPAR stores, SPAR doesn’t have any partners for further savings, and the card doesn’t allow you to donate to charities either.

Think smart

Although loyalty programmes offer great deals, it’s not a good idea to spend just to earn points. In other words, think of any loyalty programme as a bonus, not as an incentive to spend more.

All of these cards work best for your wallet if you get rewards for simply buying items you would have bought anyway. Swipe and enjoy, but don’t let the points take over your life!




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